Castlebar is the capital town and university town of County Mayo.

It has a population of 12,000 and approximately 34,000 people live within its hinterland.

Over the decades it has been a vibrant commercial centre. Today it has a strong mix of Manufacturing, Retail and State Employment. Health and Educational facilities are consistently at a high standard. Sporting and recreational facilities are excellent and the area is well known for a variety of national and international events.

The work/life balance of the town is much appreciated by those who live, work and visit the town.

The town has a long and cherished history and was instrumental in the establishment of many organisations that shaped modern Ireland. It also produced its fair share of internationally known inventors, sea-farers, politicians, artists and musicians. If you wish to delve into this rich historical tapestry, please follow the link below.

Living in Castlebar

A vibrant community, a safe environment and friendly people.

Investing in Castlebar

Castlebar has a strong mix of Small, Medium Size (SME’s), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies and State Employment.

Visiting Castlebar

Castlebar has an abundance of attractions and events for a short or long stay in the town.