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Welcome to Castlebar

A Place to Prosper

The Castlebar Chamber of Commerce

Our mission is to harness the resources and goodwill of all stakeholders in Castlebar so that the town is an attractive place for you to start-up and/or expand your business and to become the best you aspire to be, for yourself, your family, your employees and your community.

Castlebar offers...

About Castlebar

The town has a long and cherished history.

Living in Castlebar

A vibrant community, a safe environment and friendly people.

Investing in Castlebar

Castlebar has a strong mix of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies and State Employment.

Visiting Castlebar

Castlebar has an abundance of attractions and events for a short or long stay in the town.
In Castlebar, we believe you will find

The perfect balance of urban & rural in the west of Ireland

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